hi I'm Kaylisha

I my name is Kaylisha Jorgensen. I am an artist, photographer, cook, health nut and many other things, but some of the things I feel so blessed to be, are a wife to a man who keeps me laughing and a mother of two beautiful children. My children are my inspiration for becoming a photographer.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I saved up my money to buy a camera because I wanted to take nice pictures of my baby when he was born. But that the photos I wanted the most were photos of me with my baby, and I couldn't do that myself.

Now, over 3 years later, I am passionate about capturing photos of families growing together. I believe everyone should have beautiful photos that express their unique family. Pictures of you with your loved ones is something that is treasured for generations.

Meet me and My family

Kylo, my loving husband. Me, of course. Brent, my energetic boy and a sweet brother. Kyla, my smiley girl who is always giving us smiles. And Dawn, my husbands puppy.

Me, Kaylisha

I am a mother, first and foremost. My children are my first priority.

Me, my Baby, and Dawn

This photo is special to me because my 3 year-old son took it. I love the story it tells.

MY Man

This was right after the birth of little girl. She slept best in someone's arms so my husband put both kiddos down for a nap.